Bikes To Trikes NW FAQs

Trigg Trike Kits FAQ

Can I install the Trigg Trike Kit myself?

Trigg trike kits are relatively easy to install. They require a minimal to moderate amount of mechanical ability. The following equipment is needed to install a Trigg trike kit: an assortment of Standard wrenches (½”, 3/4”, 9/16”, 15/16”) and Allen Wrenches (1/2”, 3/16”, 5/16”), blue Loctite, a floor or motorcycle lift, and a measuring tape. Other tools may be needed to complete the installation depending on the configuration of your motorcycle. We recommend that you bring your Trigg trike kit to our shop here at Bikes To Trikes NW for installation.  An installation manual comes with each Trigg.

How is a Trigg Trike Kit mounted?

Trigg’s are attached to the frame using a belly plate but in a variety of ways. Most of them are 4 u-bolts but some aren’t (1500 Goldwing, 1100 Goldwing, 1200 Goldwing, 1800 Goldwing, etc.) It is also connected to the rear swing arm near the axle of your motorcycle, using brackets made specifically for your make and model. Please inquire about your specific make/model for further details.

What suspension system is used on the Trigg Trike Kit?

We use a torsion arm suspension. This type of suspension can either work independently or dependently when coupled with the stabilizer bar. Torsion arm suspension limits the vibration and wheel lift of your kit.

Do I have to extend my rear axle?


Do I have to change the rake of my front end?

We at Trigg Trike do not feel that it is necessary to change the rake of your motorcycle. We feel as if our units, when attached to your motorcycle, are very manageable and capable of being steered.

Tow-Pac Kits FAQ
What makes an InstaTrike, MiniTrike and MicroMini different from other trike conversions?
The Insta Trike, Mini Trike and MicroMini allow the owner to attach and use the kit without having to make permanant and expensive alterations to your motorcyce or scooter.

Will the Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini affect my gas mileage or ground clearance?

With the Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini there is no loss of ground clearance and has minimal impact on fuel economy.

Can I install a InstaTrike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini myself?

The InstaTrike, Mini Trike and Micro Mini when ordered, comes with instructions for a fast and easy installation.

What size wheels come on the Insta Trike and Mini Trike?

The Insta Trike and Mini Trike can be ordered with standard 8 inch wheels or deluxe 12 inch aluminum wheels.

Can I have my Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini kit installed by a professional?
Sure! Your kit can be installed by a Tow-Pac Tech or a Tow-Pac Dealer , however price may vary (please check with the specific Dealer or Tow-Pac Tech for specific information).

Can I get the kit and fenders painted to match my motorcycle or scooter?

fenders come in fiberglass black gel coat only which can be used as is or painted to match your motorcycle. Tow-Pac, Inc does not offer color matching/painting services.

LegUp LandinGear Kits FAQ

What is LegUp, Anyway?

LegUp Landingear is a computerized Motorcycle Stabilization system. It helps folks balance their bikes at slow speeds by using a set of retractable wheels. The wheels raise and lower by sensing vehicle speed and operator wishes. The wheels articulate to allow leaning of the bike while the leg system is in the lowered position. An onboard computer controls all functions.


Can I Install LegUp Myself?

LegUp Landingear can be installed by any qualified motorcycle mechanic. Bikes To Trikes NW can handle the job. The shop that takes care of your bike is also likely qualified. If you take care of your own bike, and know your way around some tools, you can try it yourself. Most installations are completely BOLT-ON, with Plug-N-Play wiring; no cutting or soldering required. We provide technical support for you or your installer if needed.


Will LegUp Keep My Bike From Falling Over ?

Our normal legup system is designed to help you keep your bike upright. Because it allows you to lean your bike with the wheels lowered, it will also allow the bike to fall over if you don't balance it. The system will make the bike feel lighter and easier to balance. Remember LegUp is only a helper; You are the one to make sure the bike remains upright at all times.

Is LegUp Completely Automatic?

Legup is an automated system that deploys (lowers) and retracts (raises) a set of wheels to help stabilize your bike. If the wheels are deployed, the wheels will retract automatically as soon as your speed goes over 9MPH (approximately). If the wheels are up, you need to tell LegUp that you want them to deploy the next time you stop. A simple press of the button will do this. A light will blink to let you know that you have removed the safety and the wheels WILL come down the next time you slow down (whether that is in 50 feet or 50 miles!). We ask you to tell the system you would like the wheels to deploy on your next stop for safety! If you happen to be making a slow turn, and we allowed the wheels to come down everytime you slowed, this could upset the motorcycle. Allowing you to tell the system when and how you would like to use it seems to work the best.

Do I Have to Put My Feet Down?

While the LegUp System can maintain the balance of a bike, there are too many factors involved to trust anything but your skills for your safety! Speed, road conditions, bike loading; all influence the balance of a motorcycle. We recommend that once you have become familiar with the LegUp system, you ride as if it is not there. As the vehicle is stopped, if the conditions are right and your feet are near the ground, you will likely not have to put them down; but relying on ANYTHING but your skills and judgment to keep you balanced is foolish! Using this mindset will allow you to get the most out of your motorcycle, and the LegUp system.

Can I Use LegUp as a Kickstand?

The easy answer is yes. In the Owners manual, we suggest you keep your bike upright with the legs down. Since LegUp allows you to lean the bike with the wheels down, we also recommend you deploy your side-stand, and set the front wheel a bit to the left. Using this methodology, if the bike is bumped, it will fall onto its side-stand. In some cases, on some bikes, the bike without a rider may not be stable enough to leave completely upright. In these cases, you can leave the legs down, and set the bike on its side-stand. It will be much easier to lift off the stand with the legs down!

We NEVER recommend leaving your bike in the upright position in public parking areas unless you will remain with the bike. Curious onlookers are SURE to ruin your day! You must also be sure that the bike is on level ground! If not, leave the bike in gear so it does not roll on its own!

If you have a PLUS system, you can leave the wheels down with Great confidence that it will remain upright.

I Am a New Rider; Will LegUp Help Me?

Legup was designed to help riders who have been riding for a long time. Whether age or injury has caused them problems, we wanted to help these riders keep riding. Because LegUp can influence the handling of the vehicle, inexperienced riders may be surprised by the influence the legs have on the vehicle. We expect a certain level of expertise by the operator to work with our system under various conditions. Our best customers are those that use our system as if it is not there; they ride as they always did and let LegUp make it easier for them. We don't recommend using our system as a training aid or as an offset to limited riding skills.

Does LegUp Fit Any Bike?

LegUp Landingear is individually engineered for every bike that it fits on. While the Computer, the Control Box, the Legs & The Wheels are shared by EVERY available model (see MODELShere), the attachment points for every bike are different. Because the LegUp System is designed to BOLT-ON, much time and engineering go into each model before manufacturing can take place. Your model may not be available right now. Feel free to contact us. We add models all the time and do custom installations upon request!

How Long Do Those Wheels Last?

The LegUp Landingear System uses High-Speed skateboard wheels and bearings. These wheels are very stong and can stand up to lots of punishment. They are designed to travel at speeds over 40 miles per hour. On the LegUp system, the speed when the wheels are down is never over 10MPH, and the wheels are not in contact with the ground for very long. While none of our customers have ever asked for replacement wheels in the over two years since LegUp was developed, we can supply replacement sets for around $60 plus shipping. Changing the wheels takes minutes and requires an allen wrench and a box wrench only.

How Does LegUp Determine Speed ?

LegUp utilizes a Proximity Sensor to determine vehicle speed. Depending on the installation, this could be mounted at the front or rear wheel. This sensor picks up metal passing close by and counts each time an episode occurs. Sometimes we let the sensor 'SEE' pulley bolts on the rear wheel or rotor bolts on either wheel. This method is very accurate and does NOT rely on the speedometer of the bike. The sensor is made for industrial environments so it can take the harsh treatment a motorcycle can throw at it.

My Bike is Lowered, Is That O.K.?

The LegUp System typically does not care about your bike being lowered or not. There are a few exceptions; Softails are so low that we REQUIRE them to be at stock height. Gold Wings have Air suspension and we have some recomendations on the settings and how they work.

The computer that runs the LegUp System, REMEMBERS how low to lower the wheels and how high to raise them. During installation we TEACH the system these limits, and the computer remembers them until changed again.

I Have LegUp. Can I Upgrade to a Plus?

If you are a LegUp Customer now, we can re-manufacture your legs into a PLUS system in a matter of a few days. As explained earlier, we would discuss with you if the PLUS system is the correct choice. If so, you have just the legs removed from your bike, send them to us, we re-manufacture, paint them, and send them back to you. The cost including Domestic Shipping is $500.

What is LegUp LITE?

The LITE version of the LegUp Landingear system functions in the EXACT same manner as our regular system with one difference. Instead of using a computer and various sensors to control the movement of the wheel system, the wheels are moved manually through two switches on the handlebar. One switch raises the legs and the other lowers them, for as long as you hold the switch button down. Why LegUp LITE? To reduce the cost of the system by $500. This cost reduction may allow someone who needs the help LegUp can offer, but finds it just out of their reach, financially. Help balancing the bike is the same, just controlling the system is a bit less automatic!

Can I Upgrade My LegUp LITE System?

If you have a LegUp LITE system, and want to add the Automation System later, you can. We sell the upgrade as a new wiring harness, a computer module, and a speed sensor with a mount designed for your motorcycle. The new harness basically plugs into the wiring already installed on your bike. The mechanical pieces of the LegUp System do NOT need to be removed, just routing and placing the new harness is all it takes to install the upgrade, and your LITE system is upgraded to the fully automatic, Original LegUp Control system!

How do I choose? LITE or Original Version?

The ONLY reason to choose the LITE system over the Original is cost. While the LITE system is less expensive, it comes with compromise. Controlling the wheel movement manually is FAR more cumbersome than letting the computer do it for you. On the original system, you can press a button for a moment and the wheels will be raised, or let them come up automatically with speed. With the LITE system, you would have to press and hold a button for about two seconds to raise the wheels. Less convenient, certainly. Another thing to consider is that the LITE system, with no speed sensor on-board, will allow you to keep the wheels down at any speed; you are responsible to raise them! The Original, will NEVER let you travel over 9 MPH without raising the wheels automatically.

The same scenario exists bringing the wheels down. The automated version asks you to press a button once, either under 9MPH for immediate lowering of the wheels, or over 9MPH to have the wheels lowered the next time you stop. With the LITE version, you have to press and hold the button until the wheels are all the way down. Again this is less convenient, but $500 is $500!